In 93 minutes, the film “Arep – Operation Rocinha” tells the story of an administration technician who, desperate for a job, takes a public tender and joins the PMERJ. Dealing with the stressful work routine, he even discovers that his son may have a rare disease.

Produced by Prosélito Filmes and distributed by Europa Filmes, the feature film is already available on the Now Online and Vivo Play platforms with unconfirmed dates for showing on pay-TV.

Most of the scenes recorded by the independent production were shot in the interior of Rocinha with a cast made up of 90% local actors. “Arep – Operation Rocinha” began recording in 2015 and ended in 2018.

The film’s director, Sandro Luz, who also played the lead role as PM Roberto da Silva, explains that the feature film tries its best to humanize the situations experienced by the characters in parallel with real life. 

“Each person has more than one point to be seen. Sometimes we label a situation out of prejudice. But there is always another point of view, another side of the story. The film is focused on that. Of showing the ambiguity of any situation, of any citizen, be it a policeman or a drug dealer. It’s showing the drama of human beings, regardless of their choices, because everything is based on choices.”

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